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This page is designed to help the Maritime Cadets to continue to learn and grow despite the current pandemic which is causing so much caos.

If you follow the page down you will find activities videos and lots of fun things to help you stay connected.

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More activities will be added shortly including how to make an emergency compass and planning an expedition route.

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Basic Campcraft Training Manual

To down load the Basic Campcraft Training Manual please click on the link HERE

Do you know what a Trig Point is?

Do you know your nearest one?

In the United Kingdom, trig points are typically concrete pillars and were erected by the Ordnance Survey.

The process of placing trig points on top of prominent hills and mountains began in 1935 to assist in the accurate retriangulation of Great Britain. The Ordnance Survey‘s first trig point was erected on 18 April 1936 near Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire. In low-lying or flat areas some trig points are only a few metres above sea level and one is even at −1 m (near Little Ouse, Cambridgeshire, TL61718 89787).[5] When all the trig points were in place, it was possible in clear weather to see at least two other trig points from any one trig point, but subsequent vegetation growth means that this is not necessarily still the case. Careful measurements of the angles between the lines-of-sight of the other trig points then allowed the construction of a system of triangles which could then be referenced back to a single baseline to construct a highly accurate measurement system that covered the entire country.



To find out more more about the Ordinance Survey and maybe become a member.