This page is designed to help the Maritime Cadets to continue to learn and grow despite the current pandemic which is causing so much caos.

If you follow the page down you will find activities videos and lots of fun things to help you stay connected.

Seamanship as you know involves having the correct resources(Rope or Cord) so this can be difficult to practice at home.

However when looking at this problem i tried to think of the sort of things that are around you home (so we will not be Constructing complicated lifting winches using multuple pullies.

So the first set of videos that I have posted can all be carried out using 1 or 2 lenths of line and a bar or ring to tie onto. Start by locating the 2 pieces of line this could be some string or old line that you have lying around. An idea is to use your boot laces(Please dont cut them) as your line.

 Now for something to attach the line to .This could be a table or chair leg or a broom handle. Have a look around and dont forget to ask if its ok to use.

Do not try to complete the lot in one go but maybe try a different one each day . Watch the video a couple of times and then practice.When you think you have mastered that one maybe leave it for a couple of hours and then try again from memory.